Question and Answers  

Welcome, dear customers of A La Patissier!
Are you doubtful about our products and prices?
Are you worried you might be cheated? As in more cream less cake?
Fret NOT!
Here are a few Q's and A's.

  1.  Is your products fresh or you got it cheap from bakeries when they're unsold?
    - The products are guaranteed fresh! Its all homemade by Patissier Jovi. Need not to worry, as for the price you're paying. You'll get the freshest ingredient he cold get his hands on.

  2. Why is it so expensive?
    - Ingredients bought are not in a large quantity like in the bakery, its homemade and hygiene is very important. The ingredients we use are all fresh and cleaned. Patissier Jovi spends his time decorating a cake, piece by piece. So your payment is actually really not expensive, since its an art. Art pieces are not cheap ;)

  3.  Does your products contain NON-HALAL ingredients?
    - Not at all, we don't use lard or alcohol in it. So no worries.

  4. Can I get my product on time?
    - Sure you can, if you make an order a week earlier or MORE.

  5. Can I get a discount if I buy a lot?
    - Depends on how much is your 'a lot'. Discounts will be given if you're a regular customer :).

  6. What's in it for me if I recommend this to my friend and they make an order?
    - Well, just ask them to mention your name, and you'll get a discount or something on the house on your next purchase!

  7. What about delivery?
    - Delivery charges depends on the area you're living in. And if its too far, you can come collect it by yourself. Another way is to meet up.

  8. What about the fruits used in the cakes? Are they fresh or canned? 
    - It depends on the cake recipe, if the cake requires canned ones, don't worry. I will not use cheap brands. Patissier Jovi wants you to leave a good impression on his art, so cheap canned fruits are not in the list. When it comes to fresh fruit, you might be charged a bit more due to the fruit. Like strawberries, normal ones are more to sour, but if you want Korean strawberries, which are sweet. You'd have to pay a bit more. Don't worry, you're not gonna be ripped off ;)

  9.  What if I order few days before the date of collection?
     - That depends on your orders, I'll tell you if it can be done or not.

  10. Can I make a specific order? for e.g. love shaped cakes, durian instead or vanilla.
     - You'll have to inquire me for those specifications :)

  11.  Are the pictures all real? As in what I'll get when I order from you?
    - Some of it is, I'm sure you can tell which is which? I'll update the pictures if I make it again. Most of the pictures used here are from the web. But what you get is as close to that, or even better ;)

  12.  Are all the weights of the cakes stated accurate?
    - Sadly, its calculated based on the recipe, there are baking losses too. So you will get a cake higher or less a bit from the stated weight.

So, here are 12 Q's and A's.
If you have more questions and doubts, you can email me at !

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